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The Basics: What Does It Mean to "Book Direct" for Your Next Corolla Vacation Rental?

Consider this time-honored and money-saving option when booking your next trip to Corolla. It's how things were done before Airbnb and Vrbo took over!

vacation rental homes with a view of the Currituck Sound behind them

"Book direct and save" simply means that if you reserve a vacation rental directly through the owner, you'll get better deals and discounts compared to booking through third-party websites or agents like Airbnb or Vrbo. These websites are a great resource for researching properties, but they tack on substantial charges to the guest and host, which can increase the total price by 20% or more. Yikes. Bypassing these "middlemen" leads to cost savings for both parties.

In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages of booking direct and why you may want to consider it for your next vacation.

Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of booking a vacation rental directly is the potential for cost savings. When you book through a third-party platform like Airbnb or Vrbo, you'll be subjected to service fees and commissions that significantly increase the overall cost of your stay (by as much as 20%!). This hefty amount of money goes to these multibillion-dollar companies in exchange for the privilege of searching their database.

In contrast, booking directly from the homeowner eliminates these excess fees, allowing you to reduce the total cost of your vacation rental. Furthermore, many property owners offer promotions or loyalty programs for repeat guests that can further reduce the cost of your stay. By booking directly, you have the opportunity to take advantage of these cost-saving options that may not be available through third-party platforms.

Renter Protections

Trust is a significant concern when booking directly. Prospective renters may feel uncertain about the legitimacy and credibility of a property owner. They worry about fraudulent listings, scams, or the risk of sending money to an unknown person. But with a little diligence, renters can feel secure that they're making a safe choice when booking direct.

The most important thing travelers can do is thoroughly research the property and owner. A legitimate owner will be happy to provide proof of ownership to a prospective guest, such as a utility bill or a deed recording in the county database. They also likely advertise on some of the larger third-party websites and should be able to provide those links to share past guest reviews. Legitimate owners will also provide their guests with a vacation rental agreement that outlines expectations for both parties as well as the specifics of the booking, such as check-in and check-out times, pet policies, house rules, and cancellation terms. They will also provide secure payment options.

Finally, property owners should be able to recommend travel insurance options to protect your investment in the event of unforeseen circumstances. While many third-party booking platforms offer insurance options, they may not always provide the level of coverage you desire or may come at a higher cost. When booking directly, you can research and select travel insurance that suits your needs, whether it's comprehensive coverage that includes trip cancellations, delays, or medical emergencies. This customization ensures that you have the right level of protection for your vacation, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

The most important thing travelers can do it thoroughly research the property and owner.

Direct Communication

Although booking platforms tout that they provide customer support, if you've ever needed to rely on them you know that oftentimes they can only provide limited assistance. When booking directly, you have the advantage of direct communication with the property owner. This can be incredibly beneficial if you have questions or need assistance before, during, or after your stay. You can ask about local recommendations, clarify property details, or address any concerns, all without the intermediary of a third-party platform. Direct communication also allows for a more personalized and responsive customer service experience. If any issues arise during your stay, you can reach out to the owner directly for swift resolution, enhancing your overall vacation experience.

Supporting Small Businesses

By booking direct, you're supporting small businesses and property owners. Many vacation rentals are owned and managed by individuals, and your booking contributes to their livelihood. This not only helps local economies but also fosters a sense of community and connection.

In conclusion, booking your vacation rental directly offers numerous advantages, including cost savings, renter protections, direct communication, and the opportunity to support local businesses. The next time you plan a vacation, consider bypassing the third-party platforms and opt for the direct booking route to enhance your vacation experience. If you'd like to take advantage of our direct booking option, you can do so here. We'd love to have you and help you save some money!



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