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Travel Day Itinerary: Early Arrival Options in Corolla, NC

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

If you arrive before the property is ready, start your Corolla vacation early with these top attractions!

A car trunk full of luggage and travel items

Welcome to the serene paradise of Corolla, North Carolina! You've just arrived, and while your check-in time might still be a bit away, there's no reason to let a single moment go to waste. Corolla has so much to offer, and we've got some fantastic ideas to help you make the most of your early arrival. Let's dive in!


1. Visit the Beach

First things first, head to the beach! The soft, sandy shores of Corolla are your perfect welcome mat to this coastal haven. Kick off your shoes, spread out your beach towel, and let the sound of the waves wash your stress away. If you're staying at Go Your Own Wave, there are parking lots at the Bonito (927 Bonito St) and Sailfish (877 Whalehead Dr) accesses. They’re both just a couple of blocks from our house.

2. Savor Local Flavors

Treat your taste buds to the delicious local cuisine at any of Corolla's many delicious restaurants. From fresh catches to coastal flavors, the dining options are sure to satisfy any palate. Some of our favorites include

3. Grab a Beverage

After a long day of traveling, you deserve a reward. Whether you're looking for a tropical cocktail, a glass of wine, a cold beer, coffee, or a smoothie, you'll find plenty of options to suit your taste. Here are some we recommend:

4. Check out Historic Corolla Park

Historic Corolla Park is a dog-friendly option. It features the Currituck Lighthouse (climb to the top for panoramic views of the area), Whalehead Club (a historic mansion that offers tours and beautiful grounds for picnicking), crabbing, and fishing), the new Maritime Museum, and more beautiful sound views.

New for 2024: The park now features a long-anticipated playground! Check it out here:

5. Get in Some Retail Therapy

Corolla has two main shopping centers across the street from each other: Monterey Plaza and Tim Buck II. Between the two of them, you'll find a plethora of shops, eateries, homemade ice-cream, cupcakeries, and even some hair salons and spas. The family can split up with everyone doing their own thing then meet back for a late lunch before heading to the house to check in.

6. Stock Up on Essentials

Grocery and specialty stores in Corolla typically offer a good selection of products, including fresh produce, meat, dairy, and household items. You can find everything you need to prepare your own meals or stock your vacation rental.



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